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Uma Shanker Khandelwal & Co. established itself as a well known die forging unit in North India since 1983. Starting with tractor forgings, USK soon entered other fields like the Railways, Defence, heavy commercial vehicles, oil drilling bits, diesel locomotives and finally forged flanges of carbon, alloy and stainless steel for indigenous and export requirements as per various international standards. Over the years, USK has established a respectable reputation with a wide section of industries. The market success of its products under the trade name, USK/Norma through the Indian and overseas markets is testimony of the capability of the Group in the field of forging. At USK we are dedicated to manufacturing world-class quality products at competitive prices, which ensures total customer benefit. This has been a mission pursued with undiluted vigor to gain company acceptance from the topmost users in every application sector. This has become possible through the development of an identity, which is based on an integrated approach involving a wide array of products, superior technology, speedy deliveries, competitive prices and and excellent infrastructure. In the last few years, USK has captured the Indian as well as the foreign markets by extending its manufacturing capacities.

UMA Shanker Khandelwal

Site Area 10000 m2
Covered Area 5000 m2
Work Force 150 nos
Installed Forging Capcity 12000 tons per annum

Located in New Delhi, this is the Head Office for all operational purposes. An ISO-9002 and PED Certified Unit, it is also certified by various third party agencies as an approved supplier of flanges to various Indian refineries and projects.

List of major facilities

  • 1.5 ton Belt Drop Hammer
  • 2.5 ton Belt Drop Hammer
  • Wagner KRFW 400 Ring Rolling Machine
  • Heat Treatment facility for Normalizing, Hardening, Tempering, water/Oil Quenching and Isothermal Annealing.
  • 8 nos. Bandsaw Machines to cup up to 800mm diameter
  • Physical and Chemical Testing Laboratories
  • 10 nos. Vertical and Horizontal CNC Turning Lathes
  • Conventional VTLs for Machining diameter up to 2000mm.
  • Several Radial and Multi-Drilling Machines

USK Exports Private Limited

Site Area 15000 m2
Covered Area 7000 m2
Work Force 250 nos
Installed Forging Capcity 30000 tons per annum

This is located in Ghaziabad about 35 kms for the Head Office. This is a relatively modern forging unit established in the year 2006 to manufacture heavy and large forgings. Here, we are capable of forging 200 kg max. in closed die and up to 4 ton single piece in open die. With the addition of the brand new counterblow Hammer we would be able to forge upto 1200mm in diameter/1ton single piece in closed die.

List of major equipment

  • 50000 MKG Counterblow Hammer Beache Germany (production starts in August, 2012)
  • 25000 MKG Polish Forging Hammer
  • 16000 MKG Polish Forging Hammer
  • 1000 ton and 630 ton Hydraulic Press
  • 2 meter Wagner Rind Rolling Machine
  • 2 nos. Open Die Forging Hammers
  • Continuous Heat Treatment Furnace for normalizing, hardening, tempering and quenching.
  • Die Making Facility
  • 8 nos. Bandsaw machines to cut up to 900mm diameter
  • 6 nos. CNC VTL Machines to machine up to 700mm diameter
  • 12 nos. Conventional VTL to machine up to 1300mm diameter

Norma India

Site Area 20000 m2
Covered Area 8000 m2
Work Force 350 nos
Installed Forging Capcity 20000 tons per annum

This is a integrated facility primarily concentrating on manufacturing flanges. About 90% of the production is exported. Located in Sahibabad UP, just outside Delhi, this is an ISO-9002 and PED certified full-fledged forging and machining unit for manufacturing ASME B16.5 Carbon Steel Flanges. Due to its huge capacity for forging, machining and drilling USK can deliver most sizes in the shortest lead time.

List of major equipment

  • 1 ton Belt Drop Hammer
  • 1.5 ton Belt Drop Hammer
  • 2.5 ton Belt Drop Hammer
  • 10000 MKG Huta Zygmunt MPM Polish Double Acting Hammer
  • 8 nos. Bandsaw Machines to cup up to 200mm diameter
  • 20 nos. Vertical and Horizontal CNC Turning Lathes
  • 12 nos. Multi Spindle Drilling Machine
  • Several Conventional Turning and Drilling Machines

Bansidhar Chiranjilal

Site Area 2000 m2
Covered Area 1200 m2
Work Force 25 nos

This is located in Shahadra, which is about 25 kms from the Head Office. This is primarily a modern machine shop, which has a huge capacity for machining forgings. It is equipped with brand new CNC lathes and specializes in machining small diameter flanges.

Our Quality Conscious

  • We believe our success depends on giving quality which we promise along with quantity and prompt delivery.
  • Our Quality Assurance works on a written down which Quality Control Manual, which is approved by Lloyds Register of Industrial Services and regularly audited by them.
  • The above ensures consistent quality of all stages of manufacture.
  • The customer gets value for his money and assured reliability.
  • All inspecting agencies have confidence in us, as our documentation is perfect.
  • Our Metallurgical Laboratory has complete testing facilities required for chemical, metallographic, physical examinations etc.


The USK Group specializes in manufacturing carbon steel flanges, which account for more than 80% of our product. We produce flanges to meet customers in oil refining, oil and gas transmission, construction, engineering, municipal development and related industries. USK's unique combination of forging techniques and controls allows us the capability of meeting strict deadlines, which is imperative in emergencyand specialized situtions. We have been exporting flanges for more than 20 years and or brand names Norma and USK are well known for our quality in the International market. We manufacture forged carbon steel flanges to meet or exceed the following specification requirements of

  • ASME B16.5 / B16.47MSS SP 44 / B16.47API 605/ Industry Standard/Long Weldnecks etc.
  • Material- ASTM/ASME-SA105/A350 LF2
  • 1/2" to 48" size

In addition USK and Norma provide:

  • 100% finished machined surfaces for all sizes upto 48"
  • 100% traceability: material test reports maintained for all products.
  • 100% operations from forging to finished product are performed in-house.
  • Variety of sizes all together.(1/2" flanges and 48" flange in the same container)


  • Long Weld-necks
  • Large diameter Blind Flanges as per ASME B16.47 Series A and B as per ASTM A105
  • Quick delivery

Other Forgings

We manufacture heavy closed Die Forgings for excavators, harvesters and tractors. Our products include Bull Gears, Chain Sprockets, Side Cutters, Boss, Spindle, Boom Joints, Hollow Whees etc.


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